Video Production

Videos are now the number one consumed form of media on the Internet, and mobile video is primed to explode over the next year. The staff at JW Media offers a full range of video production services, from storyboarding and scriptwriting to recording, post production, and graphic/title design. Our video production services include storyboarding, video editing and production, post-production, animation/title sequences, live webcasting, format transfer and duplication, and Blu-ray/DVD authoring.

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Pre-Production / Storyboarding

Storyboarding is an integral part of any pre-production process. They allow our team to visualize the script with the client before shooting even a single frame of footage, and they give us the freedom to experiment with a number of different approaches before making our final creative choices. Any project, big or small, will definitely benefit from quality pre-production planning and storyboarding.


JW Media videos are filmed using the latest in high definition digital cinematography. We can also record, edit, and render to 3D stereoscopic video formats upon request. We can produce a variety of video types and styles, including, but definitely not limited to:
  • Music Videos
  • Documentary Pieces
  • Green Screen Shoots
  • Title Sequences
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Brand Marketing
  • Commercial Spots


Once all the footage is captured, the post-production process will put it all together. This process involves piecing the story together in such a way as to evoke the intended reaction from a viewer. Shooting high quality footage is important, but one or two bad edits can completely ruin that once great footage. Our goal in the post-production phase is to create a piece that will engage your audience and exceed expectations. This phase includes video editing, additional dialogue recording (ADR), sound design, special effects, and color correction – basically, putting everything together, and adding the finishing touches. JW Media has the talent and experience necessary to provide the polish your project needs.

Motion Graphics

At JW Media, we feel that the animation and title sequences are integral to top-notch video production. High-quality motion graphics add a level of production value that can take an ordinary project to the extraordinary. Our motion graphics are designed to engage the audience on a deeper level and enhance the underlying message of the video.

Live Webcasting

JW Media offers live, high definition video streaming with the option to archive your event to your website, allowing for unlimited viewing after the event. We also offer complete access controls so you can password protect the live or recorded streams so they can be viewed only by designated session attendees.

Format Transfer, Duplication, and Authoring

We can convert, duplicate, or author just about any format out there. Here are a few of the transfer services we offer:
  • High quality analog and digital tape transfer
  • Film transfer (8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Slides)
  • Format transfer and file-type conversions
  • DVD and Blu-ray disc conversion and duplication
  • Custom menu creation for DVD and Blu-ray
  • Full color, direct-to-disc printing
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